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Koopgoot Rotterdam
Your partner
when it comes to
logistics and timing

Koopgoot Rotterdam

The Koopgoot, a well-known shopping street in Rotterdam. Here, stones from all over the world come together. A complex puzzle as to logistics and timing. Jorden Logistics made it happen.

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Storage of stones
Transport and storage
of various types of

Natural stone

Jorden Logistics takes great care in arranging transport and storage of your fragile goods such as natural stone. We especially bear in mind costs, to ensure that you can market your stones at a good price.

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Storage of wood
Transshipment and storage
of various types of


Our location is extremely suitable for transshipping timber. Our container and fork-lift trucks allow us to unload long and heavy packages. Part of our depot is equipped with wide doors and aisles to allow for storage of large packages.

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Storage of solar panels
and storage
of solar panels

Solar panels

Jorden Logistics arranges for the storage of solar panels and functions as a distribution centre for all of Europe. Our flexible storage facilities guarantee space for your goods at all times. In addition we can package your solar panels any way you like

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Storage of all kind of products
and storage
of various products


Jorden Logistics offers a wide variety of storage facilities. Our skilled staff and our flexible attitude assist you in maximizing your cost advantages.

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Location of Jorden Logistics
Strategically located
within the port
of Rotterdam

Location Rotterdam

Jorden Logistics has its own jetty and quay within the port of Rotterdam. Our strategic location ensures access to the rest of Europe via motor-, water- and railways.

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